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Diamond Head - All Is Going To Be Revealed.
Wednesday, 19 October 2005
Interviewed By Dimitris Fatouros

Diamond Head is one of the better known bands from the NWOBHM era, largely due to Metallica covering half of their debut album Lightning To The Nations, which is still considered a classic. The band has since soldiered on - taking some breaks - through the years - hence releases and tours were very sporadic, not allowing the band to live up to it's full potential. An album was recorded in 2003 but was shelved - and the reasons behind that, are kinda thorny. After replacing iconic vocalist Sean Harris with the charismatic Nick Tart, the band is once again ready to try and make up for all the lost time. Here's the bands main guitarist and mastermind Brian Tatler, talking about the new album. Interviewing on borrowed Time : Dimitrios Fatouros

M.I : Hello and thanks for doing this interview. Sean Harris is out of the picture, and he didn't seem to go out, on friendly terms. What prompted his ousting, and how do you feel about the whole situation in retrospect. What was the problem?
B.T: There were a whole number of reasons why we had to fire Sean. It was unworkable; nothing was being done without a fight. In the end we decided to bite the bullet, if we could find a good enough singer, then we should carry on Diamond Head without him. Then Karl saw Nick Tart, got his number and the problem was solved.

M.I: You got a new album entitled "All will be revealed" and it's quite
amazing. (Is that the final cover BTW ?)
B.T: Its not the eclipse cover that we had on the Megadeth tour. The new one has the DH logo on it; you can view it on the home page of

M.I: Are you signed to a label at the moment? I know a few copies were sold at gigs this year when you toured with Megadeth, but they were quite plain and seem to have been privately made.
B.T: We have signed a licensing deal with Cargo records for the U.K and Europe.

M.I: Talking about all that - how was the tour? Was the reaction to the new stuff good?
B.T: The Megadeth tour was amazing! It was one of the best experiences
Of my life, playing every night to sold out houses. It's been so long
Since I did anything like it and it was a first for the rest of the band.

M.I: What are your influences and what inspired you to write these new
B.T: My influences go way back to Zeppelin Sabbath and AC/DC. But I
Also like a lot of new stuff which probably crept into the writing, too.

M.I: Is "Alimony" based on real experience? What are some of the other songs about?
B.T: Alimony isn't based on experience, just based on life and things you hear. Nick wrote the lyrics so you will have to ask him.

M.I: Did you hold any auditions or did you approach Nick Tart to be your new singer, straight away?
B.T: We didn't hold any auditions. Once I heard Nick singing in a
local band, I knew he would be great.

M.I: How would you compare him to Sean? Weren't they both involved in the Notorious project or something?
B.T: Nick sounds a little bit like Sean and co-incidentally Nick sang with Robin George's band once "Notorious" self destructed. Nick
Told me he sang "SWALK" and "Loosing you" from the album.

M.I: Was the album you were working on with Sean - A.W.B.R.? Or have you shelved those songs/the whole album?
B.T: No the album we recorded with Sean in 2002 was shelved and I started a whole new set of songs with Nick in 2004.

M.I: Are you happy with the level of success that DH has attained? Does it piss you off to be largely quoted as the band Metallica covered half the debut album of? Or that people might not even recognize those songs as your own? Newbies mostly.
B.T: No of course not! Diamond Head has not achieved anything like its true potential, would suggest we were capable of and it's a terrible shame, but that's life! Just because you're good, doesn't mean you will get anywhere. At least we made some great records and played some great
Gigs. We mustn't grumble. I'm sure lots of bands would trade places with me. It's not failure but degrees of success.

M.I: How does this new album compare to the old ones, in your opinion? By the way are there any plans to get your catalogue properly made avail, worldwide?
B.T: Because Sean was not involved it was much easier to make and wasn't nearly as expensive, I think it's a consistent album unlike Canterbury which was too diverse for our fans at the time.

M.I: Where do you think that Diamondhead fit in the modern music scene and what do you think about it.
B.T:I would like to reach a younger audience, we went down very well on the Megadeth tour and that was a young new audience for us. It's just a matter of getting out there and playing to people and let them see Diamond Head now!

M.I: Is there going to be a proper headline tour? Is Greece in the cards?
B.T: I don't know. I hope so, It's just a matter of finding promoters who will take us on.

M.I: Is there going to be a re-release of the old VHS tapes on DVD - or a new visual document?
B.T: We are recording the London Astoria show on November 4th, for Diamond Head's first ever live DVD to be released in 2006.

M.I: Tell us which you think; was the highlight of your career? Worst time as well.
B.T: The highlight for me was 1982 the Borrowed Time tour and album which entered the charts at No 24. Also our 1st Reading Festival performance. Too many worst times to list!

M.I: What do you think about the internet as a means of promotion and what's your take on the mp3 file sharing issue?
B.T: The internet is fantastic our web site is now like our fan club and I love the convenience of e-mails. I have not got into mp3s yet,

M.I : Discuss Metallica past the S/t album and esp St.anger - and NWOBHM.
B.T: The Black album was obviously Metallica`s peak when they became for a year or so the biggest band in the world, and the only way is down after that, I was not keen on Load or Reload. I like Garage INC and I still listen to St Anger in the car.It's very modern and odd. This time I like the fuck off attitude. I m so grateful to Lars for covering 4 Diamond Head songs. It's been the money from those songs that has kept me going.

M.I: What is Diamond Head to you?
B.T: Diamond Head is a fantastic band capable of taking on anyone. It's been a passion for nearly 30 years and we are fortunate to have written "Am I Evil". I think every band need a key song to identify them with and ours is "Am I Evil?"!

M.I: Anything you'd like to say? Salute our readers
B.T: Check out the new album "All Will Be Revealed" and hopefully we will see you somewhere sometime soon! Cheers!
Brian Tatler.
Photos by Mick Payton

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