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Rasmus Bom Andersen : Vocals
Brian Tatler : Guitar
Karl Wilcox : Drums
Eddie Moohan : Bass
Andy Abberley : Guitar

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Comments & Quotes on Diamond Head

‘Some of the greatest Heavy Metal songs of all time”
Lars Ulrich

“The songwriting was always one of my favourite parts of being in a band – the actual creative spark, when you both look at each other and laugh, like, that’s it!”
Brian Tatler

“I place Diamond Head at the forefront of the best of the best”
Dave Mustaine

“Tatler is a guitarist of phenomenal power and creativity”
Guitar World

“Diamond Head’s sound was so special as to be almost ethereal”.
Malcolm Dome

“When we made ‘Kill Em All’, it was just Diamond Head and Motorhead”
Lars Ulrich

“Diamond Head took Heavy Rock a step beyond Led Zeppelin with new dynamics and new sounds”
Paul Elliot, Kerrang!

“To call this mere talent would be an understatement. Diamond Head were simply staggering. Harris in particular is an unstoppable whirling dervish for the whole 100 minutes, his emotive delivery never anything other than spot on”
Steve Beebee -Kerrang!

“I’m influenced by the likes of Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page and Brian Tatler”.
Dave Mustaine – Megadeth

“Lightning to the Nations is one of  THE classic pieces of vinyl as far as I’m concerned.”
Lars Ulrich

“We’re a combination of the two heads, Diamond Head and Motorhead. The epic feel is definitely from Diamond Head, while the simplicity came from Motorhead.”
James Hetfield – Metallica