Diamond Head : Convention Hall, Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA - 05/04/2002

Festival Line up Diamond Head / Saxon / Virgin Steele

And now for something reeeeally special. With this performance, Diamond Head has made its first performance on U.S. soil in its entire, hallowed twenty-five year existence. Perhaps the greatest beneficiary of Metallica's propensity for covering great obscurities, Diamond Head's reputation is secure for the blazing perfection of Lightning to the Nations (actually untitled, but why quibble?) and its less heralded follow-ups, Borrowed Time and Canterbury, both of which provide ample rewards to those who return to them now and again.
To some, theirs was a disappointing performance, offering less 'eads-down, see-you-down-in-front beer-guzzling heaviness, what with vocalist Sean Harris' flouncing, playful stage moves and the power ballad extraordinaire "Run." But that is selective revisionism. Diamond Head was always a band filled with vulnerable AOR moments, even with "Sweet and Innocent" on their godly debut, which is why some of us never considered Harris' excellent Notorious project a sellout so much as a handy exploration of his softer musical side.
With great sound and absolutely stunning treads through "The Prince," "Helpless" and "Am I Evil?," Diamond Head pulled it off.