Karl Wilcox – Drums

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When Karl joined Diamond Head in 1991, he was already familiar with the band as he had worked with Sean (between 1988 and 1989) and Brian (between 1985 and 1987).

He had previously played with other Birmingham based bands. The first noteable one was ‘Requiem’. This band was formed with Steve Slater (ARC) on guitar, Gordon Denny on bass and Mike Reid on vocals.

In 1980 they issued their first and last single, the self financed ‘Angel Of Sin’ on Sacrificial Records. The single was backed by ‘Sacrificial Wanderer’ and was issued without a picture sleeve. It is now incredibly rare and somewhat of a collectors item for NWOBHM fanatics.

His next band was ‘Chase’, a more progressive outfit. The rest of the band were made up of vocalist Kevin Hamblett, Abbz Abberley (great name!) on guitar and bassist Kevin Harris. Again, their sole contribution to the recorded world was one 7″ single, ‘Evensong’. This was backed by the instrumental ‘Evermore Part 2’. This was released on the marveloussly monickered ‘Corduroy Mouse Wax Co.’ label in 1983.


Above: Karl with mentor Kim Plainfield (left) and the Funkalicious Frank Katz (right)

He joined Brian and Sean in 1990 for the few Dead Reckoning dates before they announced their return as Diamond Head. Karl continued to play with them up until 1993 and the Milton Keynes Festival.

Following the first break up of Diamond Head in 1993, he later relocated to the USA where he still lives today. Recently he toured with the Johnny Young band. The Johnny Young band have recently been renamed ‘Bloodroot’.

When Diamond Head reformed to do some electric shows as part of the 25th Anniversary, Karl wanted to be a part of it. Having recovered from surgery on his back, he came back to the UK allowing a little over a week for rehearsals for the shows in March 2002.

In the States, Karl has been involved with a charitable organisation know as S.O.P.A. (Standing Ovation for Performing Arts). He has been working with children on a musical basis some of which can be seen below.