Eddie Moohan – Bass

Eddie Moohan joined Diamond Head in 1991 playing live on the ‘Dead Reckoning’ gigs and both of the club tours of 1991. He recorded bass on the ‘Wild on the Streets’/ ‘I Can’t Help Myself’ EP, where he is credited as ‘Eddie Chaos’.

He also plays on the CD/DVD release of ‘Live In The Heat Of The Night’. The versions of ‘Wild on the Streets’ and ‘I Can’t Help Myself’ that appear on the 1993 album Death and Progress are those that were recorded for the EP.

Eddie has also played with Birmingham based bands such as Pauline Black, Tender Virtues (Ex Dexy’s), Danny Steel Orchestra (Steely Dan tribute), Rangatang, and many more. He has also recorded with Stanway (ex Magnum), Four on the Floor, Vincent Flatts and the Trevor Burton Band.

When Diamond Head reformed to do some electric shows as part of the 25th Anniversary, Eddie was asked to be a part of it. Along with Karl and Brian, Eddie welcomed Nick Tart into Diamond Head and recorded a new album in 2004, ‘All Will Be Revealed’, and ‘What’s In Your Head’ in 2007.

See you all soon.
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Eddie has 2 Sadowsky Basses; one four, and one five string. He also has an old Fender Jazz Bass and uses an Eden Bass Rig.