Brian Tatler – guitar

1976-1985, formed DH with Duncan Scott,recruited Sean Harris and eventually, Colin Kimberley,
1977 First gig
1980 released first album Lightning To The Nations,
1982 signed to MCA records and Zomba publishing,released second album Borrowed Time,(produced by Mike hedges) reached no 24 on UK charts,
1983 released 3rd album Canterbury,(produced by Mike Shipley), reached no 32 on U.K. charts,
1984 Metallica release their version of Am I Evil as B side of Creeping Death 12″ single,
1984 DH record a 4th album but are dropped by MCA and DH split in 1985,
1985-1990 Brian takes over the running of RPK 24track studio recording and producing local bands,and formed Radio Moscow,(EP & LP)

1987 Metallica release the $5.98 EP with Helpless on it,
1988 Metallica Release Harvester of sorrow single B/W The Prince,
1990-1994 Leave Radio Moscow to write songs with Sean Harris for a new DH album,
Sign a new publishing deal with Warner/Chappell, record & release Death & Progress (produced by Andy Scarth)
1993 Support Metallica at Milton Keynes National Bowl, later released as a double live CD ‘Evillive’ in 1994
1995 join Thin Lizzy tribute Dizzy Lizzy
1997 Join Celtic rock band Quill , record tracks on ‘Out Of The Hat’ album
1998 Visit Metallica at The Plant in Sausallito where they are recording the Garage INC album
1998 Metallica cover Its Electric and release all 4 DH covers on their album Garage INC,
1999 Quill release the studio album ‘Privileged’, and later ‘Back Intact’, Brian’s last show with Quill from November 2000.

2000-2003 leave Quill to to begin work on Acoustic DH with Sean and Floyd Brennan,
Also to write songs for an album project with Dave Mustaine which unfortunately wasn’t completed due to Dave’s arm injury,
2002 release Acoustic EP and DH re-form to Play the Metal meltdown in New Jersey,full band tour UK and record a new album with Producer Andy Scarth, 2003 Diamond Head play Wacken with Jess Cox guesting on vocals 2004 Diamond Head replace Sean Harris on vocals with Nick Tart and write and record new album entitled ‘All Will Be Revealed’ 2005 Diamond Head complete a succesful European tour supporting Megadeth 2006 Completed a UK / European tour, promoting All Will Be Revealed. 2007 What’s In Your Head album released and promoted with live dates across Europe and a 14 night support tour with Thin Lizzy. 2008 Diamond Head’s first trip to Japan and more UK dates.Brian begins writing his autobiography. 2009 Diamond Head’s first time in Poland, and Universal release ‘The MCA Years’ box set. Brian completes his autobiography entitled ‘Am I Evil?’ it is made available from this website 2010 Diamond Head tour the UK as special guest with Europe



Gibson Les Paul Standards,(1979 & 1996) through either a Marshall JCM 800,or JCM 2000.

For studio work, I also use Fender Strat, Taylor Acoustic, PRS, old Marshall, Fender and Hiwatt amps, a POD PRO, ENGL Screamer 50,and Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier