Abbz – guitar

As profiles go, as a fairly new member of the band, Abbz (Andy Abberley) has been tenuously linked with Diamond Head for a very long time.

He hails from Cannock UK, the same town as Karl, and indeed has been friends with him since school days, to the point of being the guy that drove him to Requiem rehearsals in his dad’s old butcher’s van! When they moved up to actually owning a van of their own it would be Abbz that took his life in his hands by sitting behind the steering wheel taking them to those early gigs and indeed half way down a Welsh mountain to the studio where Requiem recorded their EP. ( No he doesn’t have a copy! )

In 1982 He formed the progressive rock band Chase with Kevin Harris and coincidently Karl Wilcox and released an EP entitled Evensong b/w Evermore part 2 on Corduroy Mouse Wax Company Records. (Chase would rehearse in DH’s studio from time to time)

In 1988 he joined a Lichfield based jazz rock type band with the less than impressive moniker of ‘Doing Business as Daniel’ who appeared on a compilation album ‘The Reptile House’
When that folded he immersed himself in his guitar to study jazz and by his own admission and testament of his close friends… disappeared up his own arse for some considerable time!!!
It was only when another local band Harlan the jester approached him to have a ‘musical holiday’ was he well and truly save from himself.

Gigging constantly and maturing as a guitarist, Tom Harlan became the foyle he needed. They only recorded one cd on Big Money Records ‘That was then, this is now’.
Supporting everybody they could to promote themselves from Enuff z enuff and the Damned to the Crazy world of Arthur Brown, Roy Wood and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band to all manor of tribute bands, indeed this is where the Diamond Head link crops up again when HTJ supported Jean Jeanie with Brian guesting. When the band struggled to maintain the forward momentum they once had, with a heavy heart in 2004 he called it a day but felt it would benefit all the remaining 5 members if he made a clean break.

Again at a loose end and with no direction, he formed ‘For reasons unknown’ a rock band with a progressive tint! It is at this point that Brian got in touch asking if he fancied trying out for DH to complete a number of shows in the UK, with more to follow if he enjoyed the experience.

Needless to say he did enjoy it and here he is …

Influences and raves……..

My Family ! Rush, Mew, Eric Johnson, Porcupine Tree, Tool, Black Sabbath, Genesis, The Beatles, Michael Hedges, Mike Keneally, Mike Stern, Led Zeppelin, A Perfect Circle, Dream Theater, Spocks Beard, Rob Fripp, Pink Floyd, Ashley Mulford, Some guy from Stourbridge!! Stevie Wonder, Mr Slater, Pat Metheny, Clinton Beale, Radiohead, Sensational Alex Harvey Band and anybody else who’s a little different!


John Suhr Standard

Gibson Les Paul Custom

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

Marshall 4×12 cab

TC Electronic G major fx unit

Ibanez ts9 dx

Buddwah pedal

Tech 21 midi pedal