Nick Tart

Nick Tart began his singing career in 1988 gigging around the Midlands in a Blues/Rock and Roll band called The Outcasts, which gave him the opportunity of supporting Jools Holland. In 1991 Nick formed the Rock band Alabama Bombshell which gigged throughout the Midlands gaining a local following in Birmingham, it was at a gig at Dudley's J.Bs club where Nick was noticed by and introduced to Robin George.
Robin offered Nick the opportunity to front the band Notorious and to contribute his vocal ability on a project together. Robin George referred to Nick as "one of the most outstanding vocal talents from England since the halcyon days of the seventies, Nick's natural rock/blues style and on stage persona made him the obvious choice for Notorious."

After a successful year of touring the U.K. 1992 saw the end of the Notorious project and the beginning of a new venture. Nick and Robin George formed the band Life and made an appearance on T.V. and a debut session on BBC Radio 1's Tommy Vance show. Over the next few years Life toured throughout the U.K, it was during this time Nick was approached by Jason Bonham, who showed great interest in Nick's vocal ability with the potential of joining Bonham. Nick declined due to commitments prior to the release of the Life album Cocoon.
Since leaving Life, Nick has been writing new material and playing with numerous bands all over the U.K.It was whilst rehearsing with his band that Karl Wilcox happened to hear Nick singing and was immediately blown away by his vocal capacity. Brian Tatler also witnessed Nick's vocal abilities whilst gigging at Wolverhampton's music venue The Civic Hall and instantly offered Nick the opportunity of joining Diamond Head. Nick seized the chance of working with great musician's and was intrigued with the prospect of opening a new chapter in his singing career.