Diamond Head Sound Clips


This page features samples of tracks from the main albums and singles.
Click on the song titles to download the sound clips.

Skin On Skin

Promo video shot November 2007 at Mad Hat Studios, Coven near Wolverhampton by Banned Produxions

Killing Me

Live video shot at Shibuya O-East, Japan
Sunday 17th February, 2008

To Heaven From Hell

Promo video shot October 1982 for Borrowed Time album

This Planet And Me

Live video shot at Tamworth Palace Theatre, 1st June 2007
Recorded by Banned Produxions

Am I Evil?

Live video shot at The Astoria, London

Mine All Mine

Promo video for 'Mine All Mine' shot at JBs in Dudley.


Promo video shot including footage from Milton Keynes Bowl, 6th July 1993 shot by MTV

What's In Your Head?

Skin On Skin - 60 second mp3 sample (962KB)

This Planet And Me - 60 second mp3 sample (962KB)

Victim - 60 second mp3 sample (962KB)

It's Electric

The Prince - 60 second mp3 sample (962KB)

Streets Of Gold - 60 second mp3 sample (962KB)

All Will Be Revealed

Mine All Mine - 60 second mp3 sample (962KB)

Give It To Me - 60 second mp3 sample (962KB)

First Cuts EP

Lightning To The Nations - 60 second mp3 sample (918KB)

Run - 60 second mp3 sample (1194KB)

Death and Progress

Wild On The Streets - Real Audio sample -

Run - Real Audio sample -


To The Devil His Due- 60 second mp3 sample (987KB)

Ishmael - 60 second mp3 sample (945KB)

Borrowed Time

Am I Evil - 60 second sample Real Audio

White Album

Lightning To The Nations - full track mp3 (918KB)

The Prince - full track mp3 (1194KB)

From The Sound Desk - These are live desk recordings

Such Was My Love - (5.6M) Download the entire acoustic version of Sucking My Love - Recorded in February 2002 for Total Rock.
Lightning To The Nations - (5.6M) Download the entire live track of Lightning To The Nations - Recorded at Dudley JB's, 30th March 2002.
Run - (5.6M) Download the entire live track of Run - Recorded at Dudley JB's 7th September 2002.

Radio Moscow - Exclusive demo tracks

These tracks were recorded in 1986 and 1987 at RPK studios, Lye.
Guitars: Brian Tatler
Vocals: Storm
Bass: Aldo Mazzei / PJ
Drums: Ritch Battersby / Karl Wilcox

Message For You

Black Top
Rescue Me

In Africa

King And Country

Hand Of Freedom


Something Must Be Done

Maybe One Night

This Is The Love